Privacy Policy

The data we collects from visitors will be your names, email address, work address, license plate number, make and model of your vehicle to include the color of your vehicle.,

The data Cockroach Enterprises Inc is used to determine the correct oil and oil filter to use in the performance of Oil Change on your vehicle while your are at work; hence the work address.

The data will be stored in hard copy at the residential address of the shareholder of Cockroach Enterprises Inc and electronically on for one year from the date of an oil change by No Touch Oil Change of Cockroach Enterprises Inc upon your vehicle. The data is saved in the event you as a customer would like to have No Touch Oil Change provide another oil change for your vehicle

Your personal data is not share with anyone., and Cockroach Enterprise Inc uses
What rights visitors have over their data. This should include the right to know all of the above, to ask for a copy of their data, and to request that it’s deleted at any time.

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